My Songs SUck

Where we ask the question - Can a song be objectively bad? 


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RE-examining who you were in the past can sometimes be Cringe-worthy, so why wouldn't we record the process for your enjoyment?    

My Songs Suck is a podcast all about the creative process. Brisbane musician Alex Smith and fellow creative James Kehoe listen through Your Man Alex Smith’s discography examining the mistakes of the past, trying to uncover WHY these songs were so bad as well as how they might be fixed!

Along the way they will chat with other local musicians and creative types to get their input and advice on what makes a good song and how to go about making the most of your creative impulses.

So come along for this ride of self-discovery, reflection and regret!   


Alex Smith Headshot.png

Alex Smith

Alex is a Brisbane-based musician performing under the name ‘Your Man Alex Smith’ every day he quests to find the perfect marriage between showtunes and dad-Rock. After writing songs for over ten years Alex is finally starting to pump out something that resembles music but what about the songs he wrote along the way? Are they any good? No. Welcome to ‘My Songs Suck'.

James Kehoe Headshot.png

James Kehoe

James works full-time as the guy that was actually being waved at when you thought that person was looking at you. He first met Alex in 2017, and knew immediately that the two of them would eventually become best co-podcasters with one another. While technically not a musician, James' rendition of Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline played entirely through belly-slap has been described as a “wedding ruining” performance.