When there’s trouble in Movies and TV, it’s time to call on the Mighty Motion Picture Rangers!


Filmmakers Making a Podcast! It's cliche, we know, but we'll fix that in the re-write.

Hosts SHANE ANDERSON, CHARNSTAR ANDERSON (no genetic relation) and JOSHUA GRIGG are each self-professed fans and filmmakers in their own right...

Shane is a one-time Tropfest shortlister (a credit as useful as a book on how to read) who has recently made the leap to feature filmmaking with the dark comedy ‘Red Curtain Hell’ which was so controversial, film festivals didn’t want it... or that’s what he tells everyone anyway.
Twitter: @ShaneM_Anderson

Charnstar is in on screen for at least 8 shots in Pirates of the Caribbean 5, was David Whenam’s stand in at one point, has studied acting and recently moved to short filmmaking where he rips off Shane Black to no end, especially for his graduation film ‘Pizza Deliverance’ which is like Die Hard, but with more puns and pizza.
Twitter: @charnstar

Joshua is currently a film student, which means yes, he has performed just about every crew role imaginable on everyone else’s film and no, he hasn’t slept for the last 18 weeks. He’s set to go into production on his graduation film ’Resolution’ a psychological drama about grief.
Twitter: @thatsundancekid

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