DUngeon Deep Dive

A Fantasy world-building PODCAST


What kind of city has walkable sewers? How does pirate democracy work? Why is there a brewery in every city? For every element of your fantasy world, there are a thousand questions you need answered, and that’s where we come in.

Join Lachlan, Danae, and Tully as we over-research, over-think, and over-explain everything from city planning to funerals to the literal nuts and bolts of your world. We do the research, so you don’t have to! We examine real-world history, inner workings, and how to incorporate it into your game, and then we’ll build one ourselves. Tailored to tabletop RPGs, but we can be used for anything from fantasy writing to annoying monologues at parties. We’d love to hear what you’re using us for. Shoot us a message on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram (@dungeondeepdive), or send us an email at deepdivetnc@gmail.com to tell us what you want us to deep dive next!