A New World Order

A Speculative Politics PODCAST

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The world is a mess! But who can we turn to to fix it!? The United Nations? The Dalai Lama? The long-lost heir of the Russian Empire!?

Frankly, all of those options would probably be better than listening to three white guys from Australia wax lyrical about how everything in the world would be better if they were the one and only supreme dictator. And yet, here we are.

Our hosts - People's Champion Biguglio, Supreme Leader Szosler and Chancellor Weber - tackle the big questions in politics based on the framework of their own personal nation - made possible through the online nation-simulator NationStates

Each week our leaders will address one of the most pressing issues of their nation and then try and justify this choice to both of their counterparts. What could possibly go wrong? Arguments? Ruined Friendships? Thermonuclear Winter!? Probably. But you will just have to listen each week to find out. 


Supreme Leader of the United States of “Worldmerica”, Sebastian Briguglio

The United States of Sebmerica is a nation based off two things. Choice and effect. You live however you want as long as it effects only you. The second your actions negatively effect someone elses life - then Sebmerica has a problem with you and you will be excluded from our vibrant Utopia.

El Presidente of ANDROPOLIA,

Andrew Szosler

The Confederacy of Andropolia is a Father Knows Best State, a dictatorship, determined to repeal every last law until the constitution can be printed as a pamphlet. The people deserve freedom, and they must do as I say to get it!