The Dark Aesthete is a podcast that speaks on the transformative and cathartic qualities of Dark Art.


Art that is deemed dark has more often than not been relegated to the fringes of cultural expression within western society. It is commonly viewed as the art of the outsider, the controversial and the scorned. But what if these ostracised practitioners were trying to help us through their “dark art”?What if through making us scream, cry or just think really hard, they actually are helping us through their challenging and unconventional works? Is it possible that art that is deemed “dark” can help an individual to become a better person by gaining a deeper insight into the fragile reality of our word and its multifaceted inhabitants? It is this cultural conundrum that The Dark Aesthete podcast is out to unpack. 

Within the mediums of film, music, theatre, literature, visual art etc., The Dark Aesthete will examine and analyse a work of art that has been culturally deemed as “dark” and attempt to discover if the work in question is beneficial to its audience or merely gratuitous and self-indulgent.

The Dark Aesthete will also ruminate on works that have had a cathartic and perhaps transformative effect on him personally in the past and present and there will of course, be guests. Guests involved through in-studio discourse with local dark artists and skype sessions with national and international practitioners who present their art with a darker and conscientious edge.