Ian Jamieson

In October of 2015, a phone call was placed to 000 from an Ian Jamieson. He told the operator that he had just killed three people, so the cops better come around and arrest him.

Ian Jamieson had stabbed his neighbour Greg Holmes 25 times with a hunting knife, before returning to his home, grabbing two shotguns, and shooting his other neighbours, Peter and Mary Lockhart. But his confession shocked police. He was open about killing them, but he said that they had “pushed, pushed, pushed,” and Ian couldn’t take their harassment any more.

Peter Lockhart would drive up and down the dirt road separating their properties on his tractor, kicking up dust into Ian’s property, and contaminating his water supplied. Ian Jamieson felt pushed to the brink. The only solution, in Ian’s mind, was murder.

The horrific murders of Greg Holmes and Peter and Mary Lockhart shocked the rural Victorian town of Wedderburn. But there was division in the town. Some people mourned the loss of three friends and neighbours. Some people thought Ian Jamieson had done the town a favour. Peter Lockhart, in particular, was not well liked in the community. Some people didn’t have many tears to shed when he died, and were therefore supportive of Ian Jamieson.

But Ian committed one of the most heinous acts of murder in Victorian history, and he was completely unremorseful for his crimes. He stated, over and over, that he was pushed, and that he had no choice but to kill his neighbours.

When the case went to trial, although he admitted to the murders almost gleefully to police after he committed them, Ian claimed that the murder of Greg Holmes was in self-defence. What should have been an open-and-shut case stretched into years of legal battles, as Ian Jamieson tried to claim that he was simply defending himself – and that Greg Holmes had injected him with the drug ice during their fight, which caused him to go and kill Peter and Mary.

While the town of Wedderburn was divided, one fact remains – Ian Jamieson took three people from this world. Their families’ lives are changed forever – all over a bit of dust.

Our main source this week was Maryrose Cuskelly’s book Wedderburn: A True Tale of Blood and Dust. This is basically the only place you can go for a comprehensive overview of the case.

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