Made You Look

AN Enforced Nostalgia Podcast


 The TV shows we watch say a lot about us. A cynical person might prefer light-hearted comedies as an antidote to the crushing existential weight of their everyday life. A former youth-group leader might be obsessed with religious iconography and pop-culture depictions of the devil. People are weird, and it shows in their Netflix queues.

Made You Look is a podcast that tries to work out why we love the things we love. And if Jane and Kurt have to watch each other's favourite TV shows to do it... They're willing to make that sacrifice. 

One week Jane will select an episode of one of her favourite shows for Kurt to watch. He'll recap it, try to figure out the missing pieces, and then comes the criticism. Together they parse out the episode in detail, touching on world-building, story construction, theme, production context and personal connection. The following week it's Jane's turn...