Everybody Wants to be a Cat

A PODCAST Dedicated to our Feline Friends

What is your favourite thing about cats?

Is it when they purr at you?

Is it when they wiggle their butts before they pounce?

Is it when they boop you on the nose to wake you up?

And what is your favourite kind of cat?

And how do you help cats in need?



We LOVE cats and we are going to try to learn everything there is to know about them on this cat-appreciation podcast! Hosts Jessica Kate Ryan and Riley McNamara LOVE cats and want to share that love around with all of you! Also, we will show those smelly dogs who's boss.

Have a photogenic cat? we would love to meet them! feel free to send us photos on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or email us on everybodywantstobeacat@gmail.com