Delicious Word Sandwich

A Literature-as-food PODCAST

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Behold! The only podcast that sees the greatest works from every Titan of literature, from Tolstoy to Hemingway, as the delicious word sandwiches they are, and is hell-bent on eating every last bite from the epigraph to the epilogue.

Picking each story’s ingredients carefully, from their yeasty origins to their hammy plots, Ol’ Matty Hannibal Butler boldly chews through zesty summaries, meaty analysis, then tells you once and for all, without pretension or apology, if that word sandwich is still fresh and, of course, delicious.

Has Ol’ Matty Hannibal Butler bit off a bite more than he could chew? Probably. But where there’s a will, there’s a Hemingway. And it’s all worth it for a bite of that Delicious Word Sandwich.

Delicious Word Sandwich: readable edibles; eat with your whole face.